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02:15am 17/01/2009
  It's 9 degrees outside. 9.
and I don't want to know what the wind chill is.
01:01am 15/12/2008
  Lately I've been reminiscing a lot on stuff from the past 5 years and the majority of it I wish I can completely erase from the shame and embarrassment. I cringe just thinking about some of the things I've said and done or even worse, didn't say nor did. Sometimes I wonder how could I have been so stupid and naive. I've been trying to convince myself that I'm over it but the past couple of weeks just proves that I'm not. I'm referencing both my career and my relationships in a broad sense...

I really need to start hanging out with people more and stop being such a loner and considering myself as a loser. lol.

Anyway, one more week and I'm off to Miami for the holidays. I feel like I just came back from Miami this summer. Jesus Christ. After the holidays I'm done with traveling down there. If anyone wants to see me, they must hop on a plane and come up here because next year I am traveling outside of this country. I want to go to Sweden and to Spain, maybe visit my brother and fam in Dominican Republic. All I know is I want to go someplace I've never been before.

I haven't thought about new year resolutions and will probably not make them. I'll let it ride for 09 and see where it takes me. It being my life.

As for everything else, nothing has changed.

Happy Holidays everybody!
06:48pm 13/10/2008
  fyi you baton rougers, death cab just added a show. Don't know the date.  
08:38pm 25/07/2008
  Hello? Anybody still using this? I remember when livejournal was the shit back in the golden days.
Now its Facebook and Myspace. I don't know how I feel about sharing a blog with 300 people. Kind of like walking naked in public.

Anyway, I'm bored at the atlanta airport so might as well. On my way to the MIA to hang with the fam and friends. Debating on whether I should cure my appetite with expensive, greasy airport food. Eh, I can wait for the small bag of pretzels on the plane.
No much new on my end. Looks like a lot of people are moving these days so I wish you guys good luck. I know how much of a pain in the ass it is to move. I've done it three times in this city and will probably do it a couple more times until I find that perfect studio.

What else... rooming with Ronnie has been an experience so far. It's opened a new chapter in my new york life with meeting new people, experiencing new things. The apartment itself is a hit and miss, the temperature is sometimes unbearably hot, hotter than outside and that is due to the lack of air circulation. The kitchen appliances are a bit ancient and it needs new wooden floors. It needs a complete makeover but at the moment it has it's own character I guess. We've been a bit slow on the decorating side.

A couple more things:
Dark Knight was amazing.
Just discovered Pandora and I'm in love.
Waiting for my new iphone just to use pandora on it. =)
New Orleans in October? maybe.

My flight is about to board. laters. =)
09:22am 18/06/2008
  I am in love with the new Coldplay. Different sound but same spirit. 5 Stars.  
11:01pm 22/05/2008
  wow, Grey's was off the chain tonight.  
10:45am 15/04/2008
  Went out to lower chelsea on the cusp of the west village yesterday and it was gorgeous out there. I sat by a small sitting area at the famous intersection of 14th street and 9th avenue waiting to go to my gig at the Hiro Ballroom. Was paid 100 bucks to check in the guest list then was given a couple free drink tickets and enjoyed the show later on. Who could ask for more? =)

Hiro Ballroom (http://www.themaritimehotel.com/hiroBallroom.html) is probably the most unique venue I've ever been to so far in this city. The room was fairly small but the decor had an asian feel to it with lanterns hanging from the ceiling and booths with Japanese writing on it. The sound quality was excellent and the vibe overall was laid back. The artist who performed, her name is Ayo, is extremely popular in Europe. Sold over a million copies over there but now is when I'm hearing about her for the first time. Beautiful, soulful melodies. If you like India.Arie or Amel Larrieux, you should check her out.

Pictures I took from my camera phone, which I plan to do more often.

That's a brand new Apple store.

10:59pm 13/04/2008
  This weekend at the theater was just purely magical. Saw three people throw up, one of them in front of MY theater and inside of course. One of them wouldn't stop and did it about 5 times in front of another theater. The other one was a child and we had to call the ambulance on him.

I ended up getting sick on Saturday night. I felt the symptoms of a fever come along. Sunday (this) morning I woke up at 7am sweating profusely. I popped a couple pills and went back to sleep. I woke up fine a couple hours later.

What the hell is going on? Something in the air. I don't know. Well with me, I know my body is in need of rest because I've been stressing it out too much lately. I wish I had it easier.
01:21pm 25/03/2008
  The band that I worked for last night did a soulful rendition of Cold War Kids' Hang Me Up To Dry and I was blown away. That song has been on repeat all day long.  
10:36am 10/03/2008
  And yet another eventful weekend but now I'm suffering the major side effect of it, tiredness. The loss of an hour didn't help much either. I almost called out today but thank goodness I didn't cause half of my boss's crew is not here.
I worked all last week at the theater cause I wanted Saturday and half of Sunday off but not to rest, oh no, but to work somewhere else. Friday we had a little after party at the theater lounge and it turned out to be a latin dance party, got home at 3am. Saturday I worked with Jill Newman at the Bilal show, which was crazy and I don't think I want to work with her anymore, then met up with Heather and crew for her birthday bash, got home at 3am (technically 4am). Sunday I worked at Ailey for the last time (sniff sniff) THEN worked at the theater, got home not at 3am but late still.

I need to get my act straight at work cause I've been slacking and we have employee evaluations coming up and that can determine on whether I get a raise, right?

Anyway, Have a great week people.
04:58pm 05/03/2008
  Words cannot describe how bored I am with my job today. I was actually looking forward to my dentist appointment to get out of the office this afternoon but it was canceled. Who the hell looks forward to a dentist appointment?!?! haha  
02:08pm 03/03/2008
  I put in my first full weekend at the theater and let me tell you it was draining.
Saturday went well but Sunday came along and I swear every Hispanic who rolled out of the wrong side of the bed decided to come out and see the matinee show. I got yelled at abrasively from an audience member, this same person yelled at one of my ushers. Another audience member yelled at one of my other ushers. All for stupid reasons that I'm not even going to waste my time explaining. While at the same time, I had a sold out crowd of 350 to direct inside the theater plus two wheelchair patrons who had to be escorted. Oh and lets include a celebrity by the name of Jimmy Smits coming in, unrecognizable, and asking for a manager because he wanted to go backstage and I'm here wondering why does this random guy want to go backstage.
Late seating was a mess but in the end everyone had a seat.
Finally, I almost got into a fight with someone who took a picture but didn't want to give me his camera.

This is worse than working in retail during Christmas rush. It really is.

Friday night was fun, though. A coworker had a guest bartending gig near Times Square with a $15 open bar deal. I got pretty toasty and right after I went to the concert, which was awesome with the exception of all the high schoolers throwing up in the bathroom.

This is going to be the week of hell like every first week of every month.

All I have to say is the craziness of my schedule is way better than sitting at home like I was this time last year.
09:58am 29/02/2008
  loved loved loved Across The Universe and I declare Jim Sturgess my new celebrity crush.

Yesterday I did some heavy exercising, which was a really stupid idea since I can't seem to get rid of this cough and sore throat. I'm going to schedule a doctor's appointment next week if the coughing continues. I haven't had a perfect night's rest in about a week or 2, especially last night. This truly sucks. But the class I took last night was something that I've never experienced before in my life. It was a dance fitness class called Zumba and it's a mix of latin, hip hop, and swing combined with kickboxing on crack. The instructor kept our heart rates up for the entire hour and boy I was dead in the end but it felt good at the same time. Once again, that was a really stupid idea. hehe.

Tonight I have the OneRepublic concert and a coworker is having a going away party but I might pass on that and get some rest.

This week I had to spit out $230 for my student loan monthly minimum payment. Oh man, that was tough. However, I will be going back to school soon and take a couple courses in layout & design. What I've been doing for the Council lately has involved a lot of graphic designing and since I'm a little rusty on all the software, I made a suggestion to my boss about taking a couple courses. The council offers tuition reimbursement so it will be all expense paid.
My boss actually reminded me about it the other day and asked me to start researching on schools in New York, so that goes to show he has positive feelings about it (maybe more than I do. hehe)
I would also like to do some research on non-profit administration and finance courses.

Theater work is going ok. The show I'm working for is really kicking my butt.
Ailey asked me back for one more birthday party and I couldn't refuse. I got a personal phone call from my boss practically begging me to work this last party so I can train the next person. I think I kind of owe it to them because I was the only person trained and I didn't really give them a long notice. Whatever. More $$$

Everyone have a great weekend.
11:13pm 24/02/2008
  The weekend is over but I can seriously use one more day. sigh.

Friday night I worked with Jill Newman, Saturday was at the theater, and tonight was with Jill Newman again. The Chrisette Michele show tonight was wonderful. She and her band/crew were great, so were the people at the Highline Ballroom. She wants me back for a show on Saturday March 8th and I'm in a bind. I asked for that day off at the theater to celebrate Heather's Birthday. I mentioned that to Jill and she's practically begging for me to work it and it's even a paid gig.
I'm going to do it and meet up with Heather later on that night. But it kills me at the same time cause I even asked for that night off. I really want to stay on Jill's good graces. That woman can hook me up with any show in this city. Then again, Heather is my closest friend in the city and it would suck to miss her birthday. sigh.

I'm getting over a crappy flu just like everyone else. Last week was hell with having Monday off then taking Wednesday off. I'm really behind but I'll catch up this week, which is going to be another eventful one. =)
12:35pm 22/02/2008
  Winter is kicking our butts up here. Thank Goodness I still have those rubber boots I bought down in New Orleans during Voodoo ;)
I took this pic when I woke up this morning. This is the view outside my window which overlooks onto a train bridge.

-Eventful weekend coming up. Tonight I'm helping Jill Newman out with a production of Jimmy Scott at Jazz at Lincoln Center (those suckers who didn't hire me). Saturday I'm head ushering Celia, all by myself. Sunday is Chrisete Michele at the Highline, which is going to be intense.

-I'm excited about All Points West. Let's see if I can score some free tickets for that Saturday.

-So all I get from one of my bosses at Ailey was a "Thank you Julissa." Not even a thank you for all of your hard work, nothing. Just proves to me even more I did the right thing here. I'm sure she knows that the truth of the matter is I'm unhappy and the line was drawn at this last party. They even messed up on my payroll this week.

I can't believe it's almost March.
03:35pm 19/02/2008
  I just quit Ailey. That's a pretty big move for me and it's for the best.
I'm still going to take classes but I'll have to suck it up and pay for them.
09:52am 19/02/2008
  A bit of an eventful but hellish weekend. It all started out with chest congestion on Saturday afternoon. I was on my way to work, not looking forward to doing coat check all night. I arrive at the theater then all of a sudden I feel a rise in body temperature and my body starts to shiver.
I'm thinking this is the last thing I need right now, a chest cold and fever. I decide to pop some aspirin and take on the shift till the end of the night.

The next morning I had to wake up early to work at Ailey for a birthday party, not looking forward to this even more since the nature of the job requires heaving lifting and running around. What truly sucks is, if I'm on my death bed there is absolutely no one who can cover me. Anyway, I go in feeling slightly better with no fever but weak. I start my normal duties but an hour before the party I notice my partner hasn't arrived. Come to know of it, she didn't receive any confirmation that this party was happening so I had to set up ALL BY MYSELF (with the help of 1 or 2 people who shouldn't be helping me in the first place). I had to greet the parents, I had to make sure the deliveries came in on time while leaving the studio alone without an employee. Can you imagine if something like what happened this summer happens again? Boy, I was aggravated. The cake came in late. The teacher did a horrible job. My partner finally arrives 1/2 hour into the party.
The party ends and I always have about 45 minutes to break down the studio. Well, This time I had 10 minutes since they decided to schedule a dance class right after.
I just took a deep breath, cleaned up and left. But the day was not over yet. I still had my night shift at the theater. It was my first time head ushering a very difficult show so I was a bit nervous but confident in knowing what I was doing. I also had my "trainer" there to help me out if something went wrong. It was a sold out house with a couple late seating, that was the hardest part. Someone took a picture and I took care of that. In the end, it went ok.

Afterward, a couple of us went to a going away shindig for a coworker. God, I'm going to miss him so much. I rode the train home with him every time.
I didn't drink, instead, I bought orange juice and drank some tussin to clear this chest congestion while everyone enjoyed their gin and tonics.

Monday rolls along and I wake up at 8am. Restless, I put in the first season of Friday Night Lights, which I got for free. My brother Carlos calls at about 10:30am to see if I wanted to go to lunch since he's in town. This is definitely the highlight of my weekend. I met up with him and we had pizza, well I had soup, in Little Italy. It was a short lunch but it was so good to see him. Came back and drowned myself even more in Friday Night Lights. Not a bad show, I'm hooked.

So there you have it. Thank goodness it's a four day week but I might cut my day short today since my chest cold progressed into a head cold. sigh.

I want a vacay soon.
01:44pm 13/02/2008
  So far so good.
Got my Fireguard Certification on Monday. That was a piece of cake and now I can be a house manager at any theater if I want to. This will look great on my resume along with the CPR/AED training.
Dentist appointment went well. Dentist said I have good teeth despite that fact I have a couple cavities hanging out that I must get rid of at the end of this month. Not looking forward to that. By the way, my insurance rocks!
Found a solution to my schedule mix-up this Sunday. Looks like my Valentine's Day will be spent working at the theater. I have a feeling all the guys will be bringing their girls to see Celia Cruz: The Musical since I anticipate a sold out house. That's fun.

This Monday I am staying in my PJs and watching movies all day, since the next holiday is not until MAY. boo hoo.
02:10pm 08/02/2008
  Last night I went to sleep at 9:00pm and I woke up at 7:45am this morning. This kind of scares me and I'm wondering if there is something wrong with me, do I lack some form of nutrient or was I just really tired. I've only been getting 5-6 hours of sleep at night then finding myself struggling to get through the day but I somewhat blame the struggling on the lack of interest in my job. However, I want to look into this. I guess I should go in for a physical exam and start taking vitamin supplements.

The theater wants me to be the head usher for an off-broadway show called Celia Cruz:The Musical but only on the weekends. I don't know what I got myself into, my weekends are now nonexistent.
I have to take this Fireguard Certification exam in order to be a head usher, therefore, I have to study and take time out of my day job to go to downtown brooklyn.
So I double booked myself next weekend when I told my theater boss I can work this on Sunday when I originally scheduled to work a birthday party at the same time. I'm pretty much fucked.

The producer that I assisted about a week ago wants me back for a couple shows at the end of this month including the Chrisette Michele show. I was a bit unhappy working with her at first, she was your typical producer with a serious edge. However, she turned out to be alright at the end and personally asked me back.
I'm really looking forward to the Chrisette Michele show because I know it's going to be intense and I'm a fan so it should be fun at the same time, I hope. This producer is kind of nuts.

Tonight is the J Dilla Tribute Party!!! I remember last year was off the chain so I cannot wait for this one.

and off the subject, don't you hate it when good things happen to not so good people? I just have to laugh it off.

03:13pm 31/01/2008
  I might be working weeknights...again. Not at the theater but freelancing which is exactly what I've been wanting to do for a while.

The resident stage manager for the Ailey Dance Building (not the dance company) really like how I work with her and she's been asking me back for a while now. Of course, they never called until yesterday when she practically begged for me. Why wouldn't they call me? if you could recall what happened this summer at a birthday party and some dumbass stealing an ipod then that would probably explain why. Anyway, the stage manager was extremely excited to see me back and she's going to hook me up with some more gigs in the future, I hope!
I saw and spoke to the person who is the department head for these birthday parties for the first time since this summer. She was extra nice with me which I found awkward but at least I know she doesn't hate me. She even told me about offering me a permanent job but didn't because she was looking for someone with a specific set of skills. hah.
A parent left me a really nice "gift" from the last birthday party. I opened this gift and it was cookies from their bakery and a $50 tip! yahoo! I love getting money unexpectedly.

Tonight I got a production gig at the Blue Note with this lady who has her own production company. She quickly mentioned she was going to talk to me about future shows and I checked her website. Her future shows consist of Chrisette Michele, Talib Kweli, and some other jazz/hip hop artists.
Not bad. I hope I make a good impression.

I collected a record high of five W2 forms for last year. Jesus Christ! I made a decent amount of money last year and I wonder where it all went.

I was considering Coachella this year but I'm going to wait for a new festival Goldenvoice is producing later this summer in Jersey. I truly cannot wait for the summer, not just for the weather but for the massive amount of shit to do, excuse my french. What's great is that I work 2 blocks away from Central Park! Heather got a sweet gig with Celebrate Brooklyn so I'll probably be going out there a lot too.

Last but definitely not least, I received the best news of the year so far and that is...
My father was finally granted his American Citizenship. It took him a really really really long time but he finally did it. I am so proud of him.

Anyway, Everyone who is in NOLA have a Happy and Safe Mardi Gras and everyone else enjoy the Super Bowl. Go Giants!! Actually I really don't care, I watch it for the half-time show. =)